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No MS No. Title Year Type Preview Price (RM)  
1 MS 814:2007, AMD. 1:2018 Palm oil - Specification (Second revision) 2018 Amendment
2 MS 1253:2018 Fermented milk- Specification (First revision) 2018 Revision 20.00  
3 MS 1265-4:2018 Code of good irradiation practice - Part 4: Cereal and their milled products for insect disinfestation and microbial control (Second revision) 2018 Revision 20.00  
4 MS 1265-3:2018 Code of good irradiation practice - Part 3: Fresh fruits and vegetables for insect disinfestation (Second revision) 2018 Revision 20.00  
5 MS 1265-7:2018 Code of good irradiation practice - Part 7: Fish, shrimps and frog legs for the control of microflora and pathogens and/or shelf-life extension (Second revision) 2018 Revision 20.00  
6 MS 1265-2:2018 Code of good irradiation practice - Part 2: Bulb and tuber crops for sprout inhibition (Second revision) 2018 Revision 20.00  
7 MS 1499-3:2018 Sensory evaluation - Part 3: General guide to methodology - Types and choice of test (First revision) 2018 Revision 30.00  
8 MS 2058:2018 Code of practice for good engineering maintenance management of active medical devices (Second revision) 2018 Revision 90.00  
9 MS 2292:2018 Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits - Guidance to the selection, installation and use of Coriolis flowmeters (mass flow, density and volume flow measurements) (First revision) 2018 Revision 60.00  
10 MS 2317:2018 Stainless steel - Chemical composition (First revision) (ISO 15510:2014, MOD) 2018 Revision 80.00  
Page: of 535, Total 5348

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