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Step 1. Select PDF File To Be Downloaded

1. Click on  menu
2. To search the document, please insert required keyword and click on  button.
3. To download the document click on the  icon under download column.
4. The system will prompt a message ‘The document is ready to be watermarking, to proceed please click on ‘Document Store‘.

Step 2. Generate PDF File

1. Click  to generate the PDF File.  
2. icons show the document is in the process of watermarking
3. The process will completely
approximately in 2 minutes.
4. Having done the watermarking process
icon will be replaced with  icon and it is ready to be download.
5. Alternatively you could also choose  from the main menu.  It will follow the same step as above.

Note: For subcriber can be downloaded a few time within the same day.

Step 3. Pick-up File

1. Click on the icon under status column.
2. Please choose "Save" or "Save File" to ensure the PDF is downloaded completely to the local machine.


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