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Over the past few years a new light source named light emitting diodes, or LEDs has been introduced into the exterior lighting market. LEDs or solid-state lighting solutions, were developed in the electronics industry when it was discovered that light is produced when a current is passed through a diode.

The environmental and energy saving concerns are driving the global take-up of energy-efficient bulbs. LEDs promise the benefits of long life, low energy, minimal maintenance and flexible lighting output.  Since then LEDs becoming more and more popular with consumers in this category. LED-based lighting solutions are built on LED chips and modules. Light-emitting diode (LED) technology is rapidly improving and is becoming more common in commercial settings.

LED products need proper standards to ensure the safety, and to measure the performance of LED-related control gear, lamps, modules and luminaires.  Realising the needs for Malaysian Standards on LED, the following MS have been published covering safety and testing, performance and controlgears of LEDs.

  • MS IEC 60598-1:2012 (P), Luminaires - Part 1: General requirements and tests
  • MS IEC 60838-2-2:2008, Miscellaneous lampholders - Part 2-2:Particular requirements - Connectors for LED-modules
  • MS IEC 61347-1:2012 (P), Lamp controlgear - Part 1: General and safety requirements
  • MS IEC 61347-2-13:2012 (P), Lamp controlgear - Part 2-13: Particular requirements for d.c. or a.c. supplied electronic control gear for LED modules
  • MS IEC 62031:2011, LED modules for general lighting - Safety specifications
  • MS IEC 62384:2012 (P), DC or AC supplied electronic controlgear for LED modules - Performance requirements
  • MS IEC 62560:2012 (P), Self-ballasted LED-lamps for general lighting services by voltage > 50 V - Safety specifications
  • MS 62504:2012 (P), General lighting - LEDs and LED modules - Terms and definitions
  • MS 62612:2012 (P), Self-ballasted LED-lamps for general lighting services - Performance requirements
  • MS 62717:2012 (P), LED modules for general lighting - Performance requirements
  • MS 62722-1:2012 (P), Luminaire performance - Part 1: General requirements
  • MS 62722-2-1(P), Luminaire performance - Part 2-1: Particular requirements for LED luminaires
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