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For edit Subscription under My Centre, user have click on ‘My Subscriptions’ link at main menu.User can insert any keyword and click on ‘Find’ button with option check on search by Relevant checkbox.

The table view the list of ‘PO No.’, ‘Organization’, ‘Order Date’ ,‘End Date’ ,‘ Pay Date’ ,’Pay Method’ ,’Type’ ,’Subject’ and ‘Total’, sorted by descending or ascending order by the sequence click of available link label on column.

Legend: Subscription = online subscription, Media= DVD, Purchase=Hardcopy/Softcopy

  • Action for ‘Edit’: Under column Actions, click on ‘Pencil’ icon to edit the document in hold. It will bring user to the five (5) separate steps of edit page.

Add New Subscription link is at the right top of the page. User may refer the process step below.

There are five (5) separate steps that have to be follow to edit subscription. User can jump to other step after complete enter all the required data. The step button was highlighted according to its page.The step button was highlighted according to its page. Any red asterisk (*) mark field cannot be empty. It is compulsory to complete before document can be save/publish. Else an error message prompts for caution.


‘Reset’ button will clear all text in the text box before save.

‘Cancel’ button will bring user to the list document page.

‘Save & Next’ button will keep user’s inserted info remain and continue


Step 01.Subscription Type:

There is several type of subscriptions method. Admin is allowed to manually help customer to create subscription account. There is several type of subscription that has been provided. Therefore user needs to choose type that they desired for product deliverance.

  • Online subscription: User able to download the softcopy of the MS Document.
  • DVD Subscription: It subscribe by media. Customer will receive the product in DVD form. User may choose available ICS & Subsector and MS document.
  • Complete Collection: Customer will receive the entire complete document by ICS, Sub-Sector and Title. If select complete collection, system will skip step 02 and proceed directly to step 03.
  • By subject: Customer will receive the document whether by ICS or by Sub-Sector

Step 02. Subscription Subject

Every MS Document can relate to more than one ICS & Sub-Sector. Therefore available ICS can be select for the document. Only parents of ICS are displayed in the left box. To display the level child of ICS, user needs to expand the ICS parents with click on ‘+’ icon on the ICS title. Then user will see the available list of the ICS child.

Select any available ICS from user's left box and press ‘arrow’ button to move the ICS to the next box at user's right. Move it one by one.

Subscription method use for online susbcription only allow user to select Available ICS.

Subscription method use for DVD susbcription will allow user to select Available ICS and MS Document.

(If user had selected the one parent of ICS to the right box, then all ICS child will be eliminating from the left box list, because the ICS child itself already completely contain in the parents. It brings to gather all children with only display the ICS parent as representative of the complete inheritance)

Then user can click on 'Save Only' button to save all the info or click on ‘Save & Next’ button to save and go to the next step.ICS selected display in the right box within its own ID number. To remove the desire ICS, delete those ICS in the next box at user's right with click on icon ‘X’ (red colour of delete icon).Delete it one by one. Other way, user can also uncheck the checkbox of unnecessary ICS and Click on 'Save & Next' button. ICS deleted won’t be display anymore. 

MS Document and ICS also can be select by searching into the search box. User can simplify type the ICS/MS number or title, and then the system will suggest the matching found to be select. Then press ‘arrow’ button to move the them. To view the MS document user can click on the View MS Document under the search MS Document text field.

Step 03. Agreement

The agreement show the statement of an exchange promises regarding the MS Document. Customer should read the agreement first and understand well before he/she agree or decline.

Step 04. Invoice

Invoice is a written account of the user’s purchase order with the value and charges annexed. At this point user is allowed to cancel the purchase order with check the checkbox beside the description order selected and click on ‘Remove Selected’ button. Only an authorized admin can give the discount to the customer accordance particular reason.

Note: Library members get 10% discount off. Others get discount by discount table.

Step 05. Payment

To complete the subscription user need to determine their payment method. If use credit card user need to get the TAC code. If user curious about TAC code, click on ‘Question mark’ icon to read the information about TAC. Then click on ‘Get TAC’ button, it will send the TAC code through user’s email. Insert the TAC code and complete the required field.

Note: Credit card payment method not exceed more than RM1000.At the end of payment method, customer will receive email payment confirmation.

For admin to approved the subscription. Admin need to insert the ‘Payment Date’ and ‘Transaction No.’ then clicks on ‘Proceed to Pay’. This both text field only appear after user had made a complete subscription.

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